About MotulEvo


MotulEvo is a program dedicated to the maintenance of automatic gearboxes




The growth in the automatic gearbox market is going to become more and more consistent in the years to come, forecasts have projected that the automatic transmission market size will grow at an encouraging rate of 5,95% by 2019. To respond to this trend, Motul has implemented an unique and innovative transmission maintenance project, MotulEvo, dedicated to the retailers, mechanics and workshops, who want to seize this opportunity to increase their business and perform the work professionally. 


MotulEvo is products 


  • Complete range of automatic transmission fluids that cover most of the automatic transmission applications;

  • A Flush Machine which can be used on every type of automatic transmission for oil changes;

  • A full set of fittings designed and developed by Motul to work on the majority of automatic gearboxes and which are constantly updated to follow new developments and trends.

MotulEvo is services


A completely renewed motulevo.com website with a new database software dedicated to support workshops and mechanics in the process of maintenance and replacement of transmission fluids, delivering clear and precise instructions, knowledge and expertise for the operators and bringing important benefits for its users in terms of time saving and variety of vehicles served.


MotulEvo is education


Initially, the MotulEvo project was launched in 2014. It proved to be successful, assisting thousands of customers across the globe.

For more information, please contact your local Motul network representative




Technical training provides clients with the professional knowledge they need for day-to-day activities.

The training consist of two levels: a Technical-commercial presentation of the project and a practical training session on the use of the flush machine.